Dev Folder

It's been a while. I had many plans for my site, but alas I could never come up with something that I liked. However, recently I have been reinvigorated with new ideas. So, I'm developing that and my client's website. I will have more information soon. In the meantime feel free to download my applications from my dev folder.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT abuse my server's resources. I am closely monitoring my server and will take action against anyone who abuses my server. I will keep my site up for as long as I am alive. My dev folder does not need to be archived, as numerous bots have already come in and archived my data. So it's out there in the wild somewhere. But I strongly recommend not downloading it from 3rd party sites as it could be infected with malware from malicious 3rd parties. Feel free to scan my applications on VirusTotal. I actually submitted newer versions of some of my applications before I even posted them here because I honestly wouldn't just trust some random website on the web.